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CONTACT: John Grylls, 19 Rife Way, Ferring, Worthing, West Sussex BN12 5JX
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ENTRY FEE: £1.00 per walker (Cheques made payable to Thames Valley Walking Club)
AWARD: There is currently no award for this walk. (Please indicate on the entry form if you would like an award if one is produced)
START VENUE: Coach & Car Park (Pay & Display), Mill Road, Arundel, West Sussex (Map 197 GR TQ020071). There is also free parking in Mill Road just past the car park (early arrival advisable).
DIRECTIONS:From Worthing take A27 towards Portsmouth. After crossing railway bridge and passing Arundel Station, turn right at next roundabout towards Castle. After crossing bridge over river, turn right into Mill Road (There is a Post Office on this junction whose post code is BN18 9AA). The car park is opposite the castle gates. If spaces are available, there is also parking along the right hand side of Mill Road.
CAR PARKING: At start venue.
FACILITIES: Café’s & Pubs are available in Arundel town and at Amberley (half way round the route).
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Trains & buses regularly run to Arundel.
TERRAIN: The route is mainly on footpaths & bridleways alongside rivers and through farmland & woodland. Not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION (Updated 6th September 2015)


Turn right out of car park and follow road using footpath on right hand side of road passing castle on your left. Cross stream by crossing two metal footbridges (beside road bridge).

Q.1 What year was Swanborne footbridge constructed?

Turn right and follow footpath for approx. 500m with stream on right and Wildfowl Trust on left to reach river bank. Turn left with Wildfowl Trust still on left and follow river for approx 800m to reach Black Rabbit PH. {N.B. - Pub opens at 10am}. Bear right passing Black Rabbit PH on your left and continue ahead through car park, then onto footpath through woods and cross stile to reach river bank. Turn left & follow riverside footpath for approx. 500m to reach green bridge. Cross stile (do not cross bridge) and go ahead over 2nd stile to continue following riverside footpath for approx. 1,800m crossing four further stiles and passing village on left (South Stoke) to reach track. {N.B. - the church at South Stoke does not have electricity & is worth a visit}. Turn right over bridge then immediately turn left through kissing gate to follow footpath with river on left for approx. 150m. On approaching metal gate, turn right down slope to pass through kissing gate into wooded copse. Follow footpath through trees to reach and go across suspension bridge.

Q.2 Looking back at the bridge, on the right hand wooden upright there is a plaque – when was the bridge restored?

Continue ahead to pass through kissing gate then go ahead uphill across field. Go ahead through two kissing gates passing farm house on left to reach tarmac road. Turn left, then immediately turn right (opposite telephone box) {N.B. – the church at North Stoke contains a stained glass window dating from 1290-1310} and follow lane downhill for approx. 350m to reach cottages on right (number 274 on gate). 20m after cottages, turn left onto footpath. Follow footpath for approx. 500m before crossing stile to reach river bank. Turn right, cross stile and follow riverside footpath for approx. 600m. Cross stile and turn left over bridge, then cross second stile to reach road. Turn right and follow road WITH GREAT CARE over bridge. Cross road WITH GREAT CARE to pass to the left of ‘The Turnpike’. {Note the sign on ‘The Turnpike’ regarding tolls}. Turn right in front of ‘River Side’ and follow lane to join pavement. After passing ‘Cherry Tree Cottage’ on left and before railway bridge, turn left on track. Cross stile and go ahead bearing left, then right to join riverside footpath. Follow footpath with river on left for approx. 600m crossing one stile to reach metal footbridge.

Q.3 What ‘trail’ is shown on the footpath sign?

Cross footbridge then turn right onto ‘South Downs Way’. After approx 125m turn left to follow ‘South Downs Way’. At corner of field turn right, then turn left through gate and follow footpath to reach tarmac road. Turn left and follow road going uphill to reach road junction. Turn right and immediately turn left crossing road WITH GREAT CARE into South Lane. Follow South Lane downhill and at bottom of hill go ahead though gate. Bear right on bridleway (‘Monarchs Way’) and follow bridleway with river on left. Go through woods to eventually join wall (of Arundel Park) on right. Continue to follow bridleway and at corner of wall bear right uphill. Follow bridleway uphill and through woods (with wall on right) to eventually reach gate and stile. Cross stile and go ahead following left hand side of field downhill. At corner of field go ahead through five-bar gate and follow bridleway uphill and ahead to reach South Stoke Farm. Turn right alongside wall (with building on left) to reach road. Turn left, then after 15m turn right through gate onto bridleway. Follow farm track downhill and round right hand bend to reach gate. Cross stile and continue to follow farm track along right hand side of field. Cross stile (beside wooden gate) and go ahead to reach cottage in hollow at bottom of hill. Go ahead on footpath with house on left.

Q.4 What is the name of the cottage?

Follow footpath up steep hill to reach tarmac road. Turn left on road, then take first road on right. Follow road downhill to reach Black Rabbit PH on left. Bear left across Black Rabbit PH car park and go ahead onto footpath. Follow footpath with river on left for approx. 800m passing Wildfowl Trust on right. Turn right onto footpath keeping Wildfowl Trust on right and stream on left and follow footpath to reach path junction. Turn left to cross two metal footbridges and follow footpath alongside road to return to car park.

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The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made by the organisers to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.

This trail is registered until 31 December 2019