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CONTACT: Di Renton, 10 Fernside Park, Tremar, Coombe, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 5HY
Tel: 01579 344281    Email:

ENTRY FEE: £1.00 per walker (cheques made payable to ‘Thames Valley Walking Club’)
AWARD: Not yet available
START VENUE: Coypool Park and Ride terminus. PL7 4TB (GR 252 057)
TERRAIN: Rural areas, minor roads, wood, farm and moorland, cycle track
REFRESHMENTS: Large supermarket within 0.5km of start, public house in Meavy at the halfway point


ROUTE DESCRIPTION (updated 25 July 2017)

Exit car park entrance and turn right, immediately bear right onto footpath into wooded area and follow path crossing the Plym. Turn right & follow Plym up stream, passing camp site on left into wood. Follow river bank & cross the first wooden bridge into meadow. Follow path across meadow to far left hand corner, through gate onto road, turn left over stone bridge = Plym Bridge. Turn right after bridge & follow road a short distance to gate on the right. Go through gate & follow path keeping Plym on right, then under railway viaduct & up hill.

Q1. What is the year that the wheel opened?

Follow path with Plym on right to next viaduct, turn left under viaduct & over small wooden bridge, then back to river bank passing weir in river & then 3rd viaduct on left. 400m after 3rd viaduct take diagonal left fork track up steep bank turning right on the road at the top going down hill. Turn left at junction & follow road. Keep following road as it bears right to Shaugh Bridge (here the Meavy flows into the Plym). Head up hill on road 130m to opposite sign on right, “End o Moor” take footpath on left up hill signed to Cadover Bridge. Follow path over style, then up hill following yellow paint marks on trees to fence, turn left on woods edge taking either path up hill which join up at old mining building. From gate in fence with sign post go slightly left & uphill to path with broken pipe showing through keeping river some way down slope to left. Follow path with pipe.

Q2. Where fence crosses path at style, what is the name of the wood you are now entering?

After 3 km path comes out into car park at Cadover Bridge. Go through car park & over road bridge, take the path on the left after the bridge & go up hill around the back of the house to the car park, go left passing the lake on your right.

Q3. What type of fishing club owns the lake?

Follow ditch above lake. At the end of the ditch turn right down hill to road, turn left on road & follow it for 400m to just before road rises, take right track marked Durance farm on large stone on right. Head down into farm turning left in farm yard  then right down hill, following path with Lovaton brook on right. Cross brook over clapper bridge follow path to road. Turn left.

Q4. What is the name on the white cottage on your right?

Follow road to phone kiosk in Lovaton. Turn right up hill on road. Go over style on left just before house, follow path with hedge on either side into field passing standing stone in middle of field into next field going through right hand gate then downhill on left edge of field with hedge on left. Follow edge of field to corner then round to right & over style on left dropping down to road, follow road down hill, turn left to ford river Meavy using stepping stones or follow road around to far bank. Go up hill to junction. Turn left into Meavy passing The Royal Oak & village green on right.

Take the first left at the end of village over river Meavy, follow road up hill & straight over cross roads, over brow of hill & down steep hill on other side passing the Chapel on right. Turn right at bottom of hill at Hoo Meavy Cotts follow road over river Meavy then uphill under viaduct to open moor with village hall on right .Clearbrook village. Turn left opposite hall & follow track into bushes to buildings, take footpath up bank to right of house.

Q5. What is the 4 figure number on the second telegraph post? The one with the large electrical device mounted near the top?

Follow footpath to fence, then downhill through gate & onto disused railway line. Follow railway line for 10km through one tunnel & over the four viaducts that you went under earlier.

After 4th viaduct you will approach Plym Bridge. Go over road on bridge, then left before platform & down the embankment across the car park turn right following the track that then shadows the railway line.  Approx 250m after the path crosses the railway line, and as the path bends slight to the right there is a small ralway bridge on your left.

Q6. What is the name of the bridge?

Path then emerges from the woods, continue along road to the car park on your right.

When you have completed this trail please use the Permanent Trail Entry Form

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made by the organisers to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.

This trail is registered until 31 December 2018